What not to do when renovating your home

What not to do when buying your renovating your home

Taking your first apartment is a serious step and usually people rush to do everything. That’s why we have some tips on what not to do when renovating your home. Decorating ideas for your new apartment to make everything perfect.  Create the perfect decor in your first apartment.

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Poor preparation

Proper renovation requires a lot of preparation. You should have a plan in advance for the costs and times within which you should move. Make sure you reach a detailed written agreement for the project with the contractor you choose, no matter how small the project you want to implement or the price you will pay. There is no simple renovation and the written signed contract is a security for both parties. Do not pay in advance and do not give approval for the start of work before you have in your hands the signed contract, which will include the complete proposal, floor plans, work analysis and cost analysis.

Purchases of products before implementation

There is no way to emphasize this mistake enough: Do not make purchases before the renovation starts. Even if you find a “fantastic” offer that ends one day before the start of your renovation, do not give up. Shopping for furniture, appliances, paints, decorations and any other product will limit your choices!

Too many times during the discussions and the recording of the works in the contract, ideas are thrown and the design of the project is changed in order to fit in more things within the same cost. If you are already committed to specific things and ideas, these changes may not be possible. And in this day and age, most professionals will give you your lost offer even if you are a few days late. They can give you even better!

Overlooking things that need to be done

Do not do it. It is very easy to decide to leave the interior of the closet or storage room unpainted. Do not apply the last coat of paint or use anti-rust on the railings. These moves of ease or economy are sure to create problems for you in the future and you will regret it. Take the extra step, complete the tasks correctly the first time, because otherwise you may have to go back and do a lot more things from the beginning. Trust the people who implement the project and give them good materials and the time they need to complete the work.

Define what you want

Before you start renovating your home, you need to think and decide which style of renovation you want for your space. In case you change your mind during the work, be aware that the additional renovation work can cost you dearly.

Therefore, keep in mind that after the renovation of a house, the decoration must have a certain style, in order to have harmony in the space. There are many decorating styles that you can adopt for your home. That’s why we suggest you some, so you can choose which style best suits your aesthetics and personal taste.

Ignoring issues that are discovered

In a new home, you should never move marginally, neither in time, nor in money. Many times, especially in older homes, problems are likely to arise that could not have been foreseen in advance, especially in electrical and plumbing. You are tearing down the tiles and finding moisture from a rotten pipe. You draw a new line and on the board you discover melted cables. What do you do then? The biggest mistake is to ignore it and continue as if nothing is happening. You have to fix it. This unexpected exit can save you a lot more money in the future. That includes the exterior of your home as well.

Holding the General Supervision

Each renovation project must be outsourced to a central subcontractor for coordination and compliance with safety regulations. The subcontractor will identify the appropriate specialties, select and provide (or lease) the appropriate tools, machinery and equipment needed to achieve the full and artful execution of the project within the technical rules and restrictions imposed by each technical specialty.

Bright colors in the kitchen

For a long time, people buy kitchen cabinets in bright colors. It may look beautiful at first, but over time these colors can even irritate you. You can and should use bright colors as an accent or to emphasize something.

A glass sink that looks like a cup

These sinks look amazing in the photos. But in real life, they are awkward. First of all, they can not hold much water, so you must always be careful and make sure that the water does not splash or overflow. Also, after each use, there will probably be water stains in the sink so you will have to wash it every day.

You want to everything without professional help

We like to find enthusiastic owners who want to take part in the work. But no matter how hard you try, there are cases where you have to hand over the progect to Montclair Roofing. The project consists of many sub-projects that run in parallel and should be perfectly coordinated in terms of their beginning, middle, completion and duration. Your involvement in the project will be very important anyway. Who do you think will choose colors, products, accessories and decoration?

Having made many renovations, Gikas has seen many mistakes made by the owners. Some mistakes are big, some mistakes are insignificant, but they all have one thing in common. They could have been avoided! So, the above are what not to do when renovating your home, especially if it is the first time.

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