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Dress up those plain windows and liven up with beautiful fabrics to show your personality. Besides providing privacy to your home, curtains and window blinds accentuate the windows in your rooms, bringing out the beauty of each space.

Specializes in home furnishings such as curtains and blinds across the Causeway is Venus Curtainz Gallery. Carrying brands using the best materials of the highest quality with prices 20% – 30% lower than Singapore, some of their fabrics are also safe for our environment. This time, Luxury Haven is most delighted to have Venus Curtainz Gallery dressing up the windows of our apartment.

venus curtainz living room premium deluxe night curtains

Living Room Premium Deluxe Night Curtain – Miti / 12 Passion
Promotion Day Curtain – Daily / Décor White

A well-designed curtain in the Living Room makes a positive first impression as you welcome your guests into the hall. Razzle-dazzle lights from our chandelier and downlights cast a spotlight on the lush fabrics in the Living Room, carrying a touch of bold elegance.

environment friendly jotex fabrics tested for harmful substances

I was captivated by the ruffled tweed texture fabric made of 100% Polyester recommended by Tim of Venus Curtainz.

singapore home decor curtains venus curtainz gallery review

There are so many colours and I am spoilt for choice, and yes, Tim carried with him a luggage full of fabrics for our selection. After a discussion with my hubby, we decided to go for the Miti – 12 Passion, decking out in shades of Ruby Red.

adjustable plastic curtain hooks with lifting catch

Our current Pinch Pleat Curtain Hooks have also been replaced by the newer Adjustable Plastic Curtain Hooks with Lifting Catch.

casablanca condo jotex fabrics miti night curtain review

The deep hues of red make such grandeur in our Living Room, and the thick drapes blend in perfectly with our crimson red rug. Paired with a Light Sheer Day Curtain, it allows natural light to fill the room gently with its sheer light filtration.

nippon paint momento venus curtainz jotex fabrics curtains

Master Bedroom Night Curtain – Strata / 07 Choco
Premium Day Curtain – Fine White

From modern to rustic, what’s your idea of a Master Bedroom? This is a cozy corner where you should be most comfortable in, and it should feel like an oasis. Set the tone for a relaxing sanctuary. To create a soothing ambience among other positive vibes, embellish your Master Bedroom with a nice Blackout Curtain if you are a light sleeper like my hubby.

blackout curtain supplier venus curtainz gallery

Blackout Curtain is a good-sleep solution as it cuts down the amount of sunlight entering the room as compared to a regular curtain. Our Master Bedroom offers a beautiful pool view in the day, but my hubby wakes up at the slightest noise and light. Our current Night Curtain probably only blocks off 70% of the light streaming in, hence we were recommended to have a Blackout Curtain instead which blocks off about 90% of the light now.

casablanca pool view jotex day curtain window sheer

As for the Day Curtain, we picked the 100% Polyester Fine White Day Curtain which is also machine washable, and at the same time passed the environmental-friendly quality test.

venus curtainz jotex fabrics master bedroom blackout curtains

The wall in our Master Bedroom is draped in the Strata – 07 Choco Night Curtain with a bit of sheen to complement the sparkle golden hues of our Nippon Paint Momento feature wall. The fashionable solid hue matches the shimmering Champagne-coloured textured wall along with hotel-style bedside lamps, creating a soothing impression that heightens the bedroom’s appeal.

Now with the 100% Polyester Blackout Curtains, my hubby is ensured a good night’s sleep as these thicker fabrics can help keep our room darker for longer period of time.

singapore lifestyle blogger nippon paint hello kitty room

Hello Kitty Study / Guest Room
PVC Venetian Blinds with Easylift System – Limed White / 04 Tape

The current Window Blinds I have in my Study / Guest Room and Son’s Bedroom are Roller Blinds, utilizing a pulley system controlling the up and down movement of the fabric. There are many types of window blinds in the market, and Tim recommended the Venetian Blinds for my Hello Kitty Room, and the Zebra Blinds for Jonathan’s room.

window shades vietcis fauxwood blinds woven tapes

Made up of PVC, aluminum or wood, Venetian Blinds come in horizontal slats stacked on top of each another. These window blinds let you open and close the blades to the position you like, allowing you to have full control over light filtering and privacy.

venus curtainz gallery vietcis faux wood blinds review

Although the Timber Venetian Blinds seemed more sophisticated, PVC is lighter in weight and would be a better fit for my room due to the high humidity level in my area. Tim shared his concern that I may encounter mouldy wood as mine is a pool-facing unit. Faux Wood ( PVC ) Blinds on the other hand, are made of moisture-resistant and heat-resistant PVC, making them suitable for all weather conditions. They won’t fade or crack, making it easy to clean.

vietcis blinds easylift system condenser bar string hook

The Venetian Blinds are equipped with a Easylift System with a Condenser Bar controlling the balance of the Blinds when lifting. A Good Condenser Bar will ensure that the window blinds are not slanted towards one side when retracting the blinds. I am glad that my Venetian Blinds also come with a string hook unlike most conventional window blinds where these strings pose a hazard.

luxury haven lifestyle blogger collaboration venus curtainz gallery

I am sure some of you are already familiar with me having a Hello Kitty Room. To complement the pink wall, Tim and I thought the Limed White faux wood would make a perfect marriage. I also get to select the colour of the woven tapes to match the slats. As much as I would like to pick the cream colour, I went for a darker brown shade instead for easy maintenance.

Honestly, I couldn’t wait to get rid of my previous Grey Roller Blinds. Having a dark-coloured window blind in my Study Room was a grave mistake. Not sure if it is the colour or the material, but it can get really hot in the afternoon and it is like sitting in the oven even with the air-conditioner on.

casablanca venus curtainz nippon paint hello kitty room

Gosh, I am so in love with the new Venetian Blinds! The Limed White Faux Wood Blinds feature textured panels of nature-inspired neutral colours which allow the fancy Hello Kitty wall and the surrounding accessories do all the talking, and they bring light into the space without compromising privacy. With the appeal of real wood, these stylish window blinds are ideal for any room.

venus curtainz gallery korean zebra blinds review

Son’s Room – Blackout Korean Zebra Blinds

Zebra Blinds utilize alternating stripes interchanging sheer and opaque vanes to create a Day and Night blind in one product, giving a soft look in the room.

zebra day night window blinds alternating stripes

The two layers in the Zebra Blinds move independently to glide between each other, creating an open/close effect to allow light and privacy control as well as an exterior view.

venus curtainz gallery blackout korean zebra blinds blue

Jonathan’s bedroom features the Zebra Blinds to block out the sun and boost the colour scheme in his room. Saturated with a soothing white and bluish combination, it illuminates the Momento™ Brish Ocean wall in this room.

My Thoughts
Working with Venus Curtainz Gallery was a breeze. Nope, there is no need to travel all the way to Johor Bahru. The moment I decided on changing my home curtains, they instantly sent their representative down within days for the measurement etc. I have to admit I was surprised when their sales rep came down with a luggage filled with curtain samples.

I thought that getting curtains this time would not be as smooth sailing as before cause we had engaged an Interior Designer previously to take care of our home renovation. We had a really great ID who had practically matched everything for us then, so we were apprehensive about selecting curtains on our own.

Venus Curtainz proved us wrong, and Tim was of great help. He worked with us to match our interiors, and made recommendations according to our concerns.

Since I am now The Maid of the house since our helper returned to Indonesia years ago, I tend to go for things with easy maintenance. So for Curtains, I picked fabrics that are 100% Polyester as Tim had explained they are machine washable compared to Cotton which have to be dry cleaned. As for the Window Blinds, I chose PVC as it is easy to clean using just water or feather duster.

jotex miti polyester blackout curtain review

You may also like to know that the materials used here are all tested for harmful substances, and passed the fire safety/cigarette test.

Total Cost: SGD 1,880
( Includes installation, 2 years warranty for Window Blinds )

Living Room ( W142 x H110.75 )

  • Premium Deluxe Night Curtain– SGD 740
  • Promotion Day Curtain – SGD 130

Master Bedroom ( W129.25 x H112.50 )

  • Night Curtain– SGD 200
  • Premium Day Curtain – SGD 155

Study / Guest Room ( W53 x H93.75 )

  • Venetian with Easylift System and Ultra Light Wood Material – SGD 395

Son’s Room ( W49.50 x H93 )

  • Blackout Korean Window Blinds – SGD 260

My family is very happy with our new curtains and window blinds. We couldn’t have achieved what we wanted without their help. You may notice that the price for our Living Room Night Curtain took up the bulk of the total price. That is because we picked the premium range and the material is kinda rare in the market. Overall, I think the curtains and window blinds are reasonably priced especially the ones in our Master Bedroom.

Some Tips to Consider When Choosing Your Curtains:

  • Do you need to control the amount of light coming into your room? How dark would you like your room to be?
  • Do you have any preference for materials? Cotton, polyester etc.
  • Do you have a pool-facing unit or high humidity levels in your area?
  • Talk to your curtain specialist. Tell them exactly what you want.
venus curtainz gallery showroom
buy curtains in malaysia venus curtainz gallery showroom

You may also like to know that Venus Curtainz Gallery offers a 2-year warranty against mechanism defects for their Window Blinds. They also offers motorized systems, but you would need to install your own wiring. So dress up your home now, and start your window shopping at their latest showroom!

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* This is a sponsored post by Venus Curtainz Gallery. The author only recommends products or services she uses personally which she believes to be beneficial for her readers. Views and opinions expressed in this blog are purely by the author.

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