OASE biOrb Tube Aquarium with LED Lighting Review

The underwater world is so beautiful yet mysterious. Having been to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia on several occasions, I am fascinated by the wonder of the underwater world.

If you are looking to start a new hobby, to add some colours in your life, or simply enjoy seeing fishes swimming in the sea, today’s topic may interest you.

oase biorb tube aquarium with led lighting review

Spice up your living space or office with a calming water feature and be mesmerized by the colourful aquatic world. Take away stress and clear your mind as OASE biOrb brings nature to your home.

unboxing oase biorb tube aquarium

Let us take a short trip into nature with Samuel Baker, the designer of biOrb collection. Join me, as I unbox my OASE biOrb Tube 15L Aquarium with Multi-Color Remote Controlled LED Lighting!

oase biorb tube 30 fish tank review

What’s In The Box ( OASE biOrb Tube 15L MCR Black )
The OASE Living Water biOrb Tube comes in 2 designs in 3 different sizes – 15L, 30L and 35L, and 2 colours – Black or White. Retailing at SGD 343 for the biOrb Tube 15L with dimensions of 32.8cm x 31.5cm, this exquisite 4 gallon aquarium is made from Acrylic which is 10 times stronger than glass and 23% clearer.

oase biorb tube aquarium setup
oase biorb tube aquarium whats in the box

The complete set consist of the Acrylic Aquarium, LED Light Unit, Air Pump, Transformer, Water Treatment, Filter Cartridge, Ceramic Media and Manuals. It also carries a 2-year Warranty for the acrylic aquarium, LED light and transformer.

biorb ceramic substrate for aquarium filtration system

What Are Ceramic Media Gravels?
I am not into rearing fishes, but when I found out that I could actually own an aquarium without having the need to add fishes, I was all for it. Nonetheless. if you enjoy having sea creatures in your tank, you will be delighted to know that the Ceramic Media inside the biOrb aquarium filtration system help keep the water clear and healthy for the fishes inside. And yes, these Ceramic Media come with the biOrb aquarium.

Setting Up Your biOrb Aquarium

how to fix biorb filter cartridge
biorb filter cartridge installation guide

Setting up the aquarium is pretty easy. Fitted with a foam element for mechanical filtration, you will need to first insert the filter cartridge into the air column then fasten into the housing after cleaning the tank.

oase living water cleaning biorb ceramic media
adding biorb ceramic substrate

Before putting the Ceramic Media or Ceramic Substrate into the tank, wash them thoroughly to remove any dirt. Dispose any gravels smaller than a pea size, then place the rest gently into the tank so they do not scratch the acrylic surface.

oase biorb aquarium ornaments

Be creative, let your imagination run wild next. Create your own personality by selecting your favourite pieces from a variety of biOrb accessories inspired by nature. Have fun decorating your aquarium by mixing stunning coral reefs, colourful plants, pretty lava stones and more!

pretty corals oase biorb barnacle ornament
samuel baker oase biorb barnacle ornament
biorb designer samuel baker barnacle ornament

biOrb Barnacle Sculpture Small Pink – SGD 59

Made from durable high grade resin that won’t fade, and hand crafted by aquatics decor designer Samuel Baker, the Barnacle Sculpture makes a pretty sight. When removing the biOrb Barnacle ornament, you will need to use a screwdriver in order to take out the accessory. Next, insert the ornament into the air column.

oase biorb aquatic colour balls

biOrb Aquatic Colour Balls, equipped with an internal weighted ball to prevent floating – SGD 25.50

sea creatures oase biorb starfish set

biOrb Starfish Set 3 Natural – SGD 21

art of feng shui oase biorb moss pebbles

biOrb Moss Pebbles – SGD 39

oase living water biorb accessories purple kelp

biOrb Kelp Set Pink and Purple – SGD 23.50 Each

( Each pack contains one plastic and one silk plant. A heavy round ball at the base of the plant makes it easy to sit the plant in the biOrb and hold it in place )

oase biorb fish tank decoration samuel baker
oase biorb tube aquarium aquatic colour balls
oase biorb tube aquarium green moss
smart design fish keeping biorb air column

Start decorating your biOrb tank with these ornamental aquatic plants and make it as colourful as a Mardi Gras costume.

artificial aquatic plants biorb decor sets pricing

Or if you prefer, OASE biOrb has aquarium decoration sets to make your job even easier. With so many decorations to choose from, you mind may go fuzzy. These decor kits with plants and ornaments have been put together to create eye catching and vibrant displays. Just be careful when choosing them as they are available 15L and 30L versions.

biorb water conditioner biological booster

To help you get started, included in this aquarium setup is a 2-part water treatment which boosts useful bacteria, kick starting your aquariums ecosystem to create the perfect environment for your fishes. It is necessary to prepare the aquarium water by adding the Water Conditioner into the tank to keep the water clear. You do not need the Biological Booster if you are not adding fishes.

biorb mcr lighting kaleidoscope of colours
biorb multi colour light remote control

Illuminate your space with up to 16 colours to create incredible lighting moods with just a touch of a remote control. There is also 4-time cycles which can be selected to simulate light conditions, and an automatic setting which simulates a natural light cycle for your fish. Bring kaleidoscope of colours to your home. Feel the stress drifting away as your home aquarium offers you a meditative feeling of tranquility.

oase biorb tube aquarium installation guide

Owning an aquarium has never been easier as OASE biOrb aquariums come with everything you need to get started. Backed by German engineering with 6 different designs, each tank offers a seamless silhouette that frames your underwater world. If you like a true 360° viewing experience without the visual interference of joins or corners found in traditional aquariums, pick the biOrb Tube, Classic or Halo.

how biorb aquarium filtration cycle works

Whether you choose to have the biOrb Aquarium with its 5-step filtration system ( Biological, Mechanical, Chemical, Water Stabilization and Oxygenation ), or their Terrarium with intelligent ecosystem, these tanks will add character to any room. Enjoy the therapeutic effects of your new hobby as it is so easy to set up. BiOrb smarter design also makes fish keeping easy if you are an aquarist as you will only need to change the biOrb filter along with water ( just change a third of the water ) every four to six weeks depending on the number of fishes you have in the tank and of course, much longer if you have no fishes.

biorb home aquarium underwater world water feature

I love the OASE biOrb Tube standing tall in my living room now, offering an unobstructed 360° all round view of my colourful aquatic world. Thanks to its unique cylinder shape, the aquatic plants are magnified and the aquarium appears bigger visually as compared to conventional fish tank! I am having fun playing with the colours by scrolling through the entire spectrum of light.

For biOrb Aquarium Setup, check out the tutorial above!

biOrb Concept and Story by Samuel Baker

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