Mistakes we make when we have sex for the first time


The first time we have sex, is without a doubt a moment that we will remember for the rest of our lives, according to Athens Escorts, whether it was successful or something went wrong along the way and they both did not enjoy it as much as they would have liked.

What you have been waiting for a long time is the truth. You had read a lot and imagine it different from what finally happened. You heard about a lot of cherries but you did not keep a small basket.

At first there is no reason to feel bad or blame yourself if things did not go as you expected. After all, no one ever learned with the first one. Mistakes are made even in sex, especially when we talk about our first time. The following are probably the most common of these things that happen to us.

Stress destroyed us

There is an age there just before adulthood usually that everyone talks about. Those who have done it compliment the greats and the rest count the days until their turn comes. Some people think too much about it and get stressed as time goes on, with the result that when they reach the finish line they “lock in” and cannot function.

It does not hurt so much

One of the myths that wehear is that the first time a woman has sex, it is accompanied by horrible pains. The inflated testimonies of friends and acquaintances who share their own experiences even create extra fear. However, the truth is that if you leave your body free and there are the appropriate preliminaries that will relax both participants, the pain will be mild and completely manageable. So do not be so influenced by previous experiences of friends and acquaintances because reality will definitely be more bearable.

Preparation does not always help

Another myth that exists is that before you fall into bed with someone, it would be good to practice alone, so as not to “finish” before the other half has time to say cumin. Do not unjustly spoil the magic of the first time with useless preparations. Enjoy.

Your first time will not be the best

There is no reason to have very high expectations for your first time. Think about it the first time you tried cycling or playing basketball. The result was not the best possible. Give yourself time to get to know his body and understand what he likes, and it is certain that the next time will be noticeable and orgasmically better. And here: what went wrong?

Life is not like porn

We do not need to hide behind our finger. Almost all of us have even seen some erotic movies long before we had sex for the first time. However, what we see on the screen has nothing to do with what will happen to our bed or any other piece of furniture in the house. So you do not need to imitate someone or look at yourself in the mirror to check if you look as nice as the protagonist of the movie you saw. Set yourself free and you will find your edge.

Do not be shy

You do not need to be ashamed or feel that you are doing anything wrong by offending the good morals of a society that would tell you to wait a little longer. There is no reason for you to feel ashamed of what you do and especially of your body, no matter how many imperfections you think you have. As your experiences increase, you will realize that the best sex is when you are completely free and after you have sent the fabricated social guilt from where it came from.

Do not take it out in silence

The fact that you do not have the required sexual experiences does not deprive you of the right to speak when you have an affair with someone. There is no reason to be dumb. It is good to speak either normally or a little more cunningly even if you feel like laughing or even crying. Be yourself, without fear, but with passion.

You can get pregnant from the first time

It is important to take all the necessary precautions from the first time you have sex, because the girl can get pregnant even if she has never had sex in her life. It would be helpful to talk to a gynecologist or andrologist to find out everything you do not know on your own.

How do they put on this condom?

It is very important to know in advance how to wear your condom properly, so make sure you have done 2-3 tests before your first time. This way you will save time and avoid awkward discussions of the style “why does not the remnant come in? Am I putting it wrong?”.

Do not do it in a hurry

Choose a place that will allow you to be comfortable in time and not with the pistol in the temple to finish the job quickly. The more stressed you are, the more likely things are to go wrong, so follow the safe path of a space that will not fill you with extra stress.