How to unclog your bathroom sink easily


Definitely, at some point in the past, you had a problem with rinsing your bathroom sink and called an obstruction company, but not the right one, like – Αποφράξεις Αντωνίου.

Our extensive experience in the field has taught us that rinsing a bathroom sink can often be treated effectively by yourself. Before using any of the commercial blocking liquids, we want to suggest some natural ways to block a sink.

Chemical blocking liquids, in addition to irreparably damaging the environment, cause enormous damage to the pipes in your home. Some types of piping, they can even puncture with the use of blocking chemicals, with unpleasant consequences, such as leaks and flooding!

The sink is buzzing! Why?

The bathroom sink often clogs due to frequent daily use, so you need to flush the sink. There are several times when the problem can progress and cause a blockage in the sewer. Then, you need to block with special equipment from a blocking company. Usually the clogging of the bathroom sink caused by hair, accumulated fat soap, small objects and pieces of paper. A

ll this creates a kind of slime, which collects inside the pipes and gradually blocks them. Many times, imperfections also play a big role in the installation of pipes. The closed corners in the pipe joints favour the concentration of all the above. As a result, you need to rinse the bathroom sink much more often. Finally, the sink may not work properly due to the floor siphon.

If the siphon does not draw enough water from the sink, there will probably be a smell in the bathroom siphon.

Natural ways to rinse a bathroom sink

Fill the sink with water, as long as it covers the head of the suction cup. Remove if there is a protective net for the hair and then place the suction cup on the hole where the water leaves. To make better contact you can put a little Vaseline to apply better. With quick movements, you make the suction cup up and down.

In this way, you create a vacuum that drains the dirt and achieves the flush of the sink. Then remove the suction cup and check that the water flow has become normal to the drain… If it has not returned to normal, then repeat the process.

Finally, after you finish the process, pour 3 to 4 litres of boiling water, to carry the smallest residue from the pipes. Do not forget to replace the protective net is about garbage.

Rinse the sink with hot water

Another way that can be effective in several cases is to rinse the bathroom sink with hot water. A fairly large amount of hot water can soften the residue and carry it away. This technique is suitable for metal pipes. Tubes of plastics as PVC, can soften and cause serious damage. But if you want to try it, at least make sure that the water does not exceed 80 degrees Celsius. Pour the water directly into the mouth of the sink and not into the porcelain, because there is a chance that it will cause damage. Repeat the same process as many times as needed for a successful one sink flush.

Bathtub flush with soda and vinegar

An effective way to rinse the sink is to use vinegar, combined with baking soda. Put a full cup of baking soda in the sinkhole and let it spread in the tube for about 10 minutes. Then pour a cup of vinegar, and plug the hole with a cloth. The foam produced by the chemical compound of these 2 components, spreads with pressure in the clogged pipes and entices several residues. The acidity of vinegar also softens grease residue from soaps, making this combination the ideal solution for several cases involving rinsing the bathroom sink… Finally, you can pour a large dose of hot water to better clean the inside of the pipes. You can repeat this process often, without the need to wait for the sink to clog, as a precaution.

Rinse the bathroom sink with wire

Pull a piece of wire to its edge using pliers, like a hook. Insert the bent side into the sink siphon and push it slowly into the pipe. When you feel the spot where the plug is, shake it in and out with gentle movements, trying to remove hair and debris. Pay close attention to your movements, so as not to cause any damage to the pipe joints. Then pour a pot of hot water into the sink to remove the hair and anything else you managed to detach from the pipe with the wire. If the depth caused is the sink plug is large and the wire is not long enough, then you will need a special workshop with steel or watering machines. These tools reach a depth of several meters without any problems at all, making rinsing a bathroom sink an easy task.


Unclog the sink using chemicals

Our advice would be to avoid as much as possible the solution of the chemical blocking liquids of the trade. What about chemical barriers? The chemicals are caustic substances several times can dissolve debris that causes blocking, but may cause irreparable destruction to the pipes. They are also harmful to the environment, as they cross the aquifer.

Detergent rinsing by specialists

If you tried the suggested methods and did not succeed in rinsing the bathroom sink, then the blockage is not superficial. If the plug is deep inside the piping network, then you need a special blocking workshop. Our company provides obstructive services 24 hours per 24 hour period, all over Athens. We come to your place for rinsing a bathroom sink, at a very low cost, immediately and leaving your space spotless. So you can be sure that the problem will not return after a few days. We can use our special micro cameras, to see exactly where the pipes have become blocked, to save time and money from unnecessary actions.

For a quick, efficient and economical rinsing of a bathroom sink, call the company –Αποφράξεις Αντωνίου Αθήνα

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