How to install Android Q beta 4 right now

Right on time, Google has released the fourth out of six total Android Q betas. The update is available now to those already enrolled in the program, but for those who have been waiting to make the jump — now’s as good a time as any. 

As it did with Android Pie, Google has expanded the Android Q beta program beyond its own Pixel phone lineup. The beta program officially opened up to include 21 phones in May after the opening keynote during Google I/O. During the keynote, Google also announced a new smart display called the Google Nest Hub Max and improvements to Google Assistant, and revealed more details about Android Q.

Before we go any further — we don’t recommend installing Android Q on your primary phone. Because it’s still at the beta stage, there will be bugs that break things and all but ruin battery life. Even this point in the beta process, there are still issues being worked out. If you don’t have an old phone that’s compatible with the beta program, it’s a good idea to wait until later in the testing cycle before jumping in. Google warns users during the signup process, “Certain functionality (including core functionality, such as your ability to place and receive calls) or applications may not work properly.”

Beta testing is fun, sure. But if you need your phone to work 100 percent of the time, hold off.

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With that said, if you’re interested in providing feedback and helping Google track down bugs, below you’ll find a list of supported devices as well as instructions for installing Android Q right now. 

What devices are eligible?

This year Google has partnered with 12 different device makers to bring the total number of eligible phones to help test Android Q to 21. Here they are:

As with previous years, Samsung phones aren’t included in the beta program. We’ve reached out to Samsung to learn why, and inquire about possible participation before the beta ends.

How do I install it?


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The process varies based on the brand of your phone. Pixel users can visit the Google Beta website and opt in to the program. The official Android Q Beta website lists every supported device and provides a link to instructions from the device maker for enrolling in the beta program. 

Can I leave the beta?

Yes, but be prepared to factory-reset your phone and lose anything on it that’s not backed up elsewhere. Once again, you’ll need to visit the Android Q Beta list of devices for instructions specific to your phone.

Originally published March 13.
Update, June 5: Updated with beta 4 availability.  

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