How To Give Men Better Oral Sex


How To Give Men Better Oral Sex

Oral sex what is it?

If you already know how to give men better oral sex then the advice here is not for you. This article is aimed at couples who want to learn the art of oral sex. Boys usually start experiment with an athens escort or athens escorts. Fellatio (blow job) is when a person uses their mouth and tongue to stimulate their partners penis. If done well will give them a very intense orgasm.

Facts You Should Know About oral sex

The idea of oral sex is to copy the movements of full sex penetration. At no time is blowing involved. Take your partners penis into your mouth, (using plenty of saliva) and gently lick and suck up and down the shaft taking care not to catch your teeth on his penis .

Men would very seldom turn down oral sex, (good or bad) however there is nothing worse than when someone does it without any passion. It is nice for them to know that you are enjoying it as much as him which adds to the turn on.

Vary your rhythm, speed, and intensity, and gently caress his testicles. The idea is to take him to the point of orgasm stop and bring back eager for more.

Try Licking, sucking, and playing with his penis using your tongue making sure you are hitting the right spot. You will have a fair idea about what works if you watch and listen to his reactions. Don’t be afraid to ask him what he likes and dislikes because he will be only too pleased to guide you and thrilled that you are trying to please him.

Below are a few tips to help you give him the best oral sex of his life.

Look for sensitive areas

Make him buckle by taking your time over his sensitive areas, like the tip of his penis, his testicles, and his perineum, which is the spot between the testicles and the anus.
Don’t forget to pay lots of attention around his shaft  using your mouth and hands together.

Explore other areas

Oral sex is great in other areas too like kissing and licking the inner thighs, around his anus, and testicles. The secret is to use your mouth to maximum effect.

The temperature game

Oral sex should be fun and not a chore so rev up the fun by playing the temperature game. Start by taking a mouthful of warm liquid hold it in your mouth for a few seconds then swallow immediately take your partners penis into your mouth and start to suck. Then take an ice cube and repeat. the sensations will drive him mad with desire.

Bring on the sauce

Its fair to say that Some women hate the taste of their man inside their mouths which can make oral sex a non starter.

A good tip to try is using squirty cream / ice cream / chocolate sauce in fact anything that takes your fancy. Start by pouring it all over the genital area then gently spend your time licking and sucking it off.

Must i really swallow

Here is a question that pops up a lot which is whether to swallow or not when a man comes.
If it is not for you then don’t do it. Never force yourself to swallow just to please your partner. Just make sure he withdraws in time and use your hand to finish him off.

A big turn on for some men is to come onto the breasts, bellies or other parts of their partner (athens escort or athens escorts). If you would like to see how your partner tastes then get him to eat things that are high in natural sugar like pineapples. This tip will help sweeten his sperm and make it less bitter.

Some women are repulsed at the very idea of giving their partner oral sex but still expect it done to them. Never expect things that you won’t do yourself. Try talking to him about your fears and who knows maybe in time you may change your mind. The idea of oral sex is to bring you closer together and share the pleasure and excitement.