Google spam removal screwup


Following an algorithmic update from Google, along with a couple of other links, completely disappeared from the search engine results page. The reason why the site got de-listed is yet unclear but the old spammy links is currently the prime suspect.

Be careful, because spam can harm the SEO of your website.

Until Google took steps to resolve the problem, the top search result to the keyword “digg” were its Wikipedia page and its Twitter account. There are some theorist who even say that this was purposely done by Google after Digg made a proclamation of releasing a replacement to Google reader. That’s nothing more just an insane theory and obviously there must have been some sort of technical issue or some other internal problem to do with links.

Google has taken the blame for the sudden disappearance and they have taken steps to re-index and now it’s back online. The Digg GM Jake Levine however believes the issue could be on their part due to the links remaining from the old Digg.