Eight Ways To Style Your Maxi Dress in Winter!


When it comes to maxi dresses, our mind instantly goes back to those dreamy summer days, when the only styling required was salty hair and sand on the toes.

Okay, maybe for more special occasions  you could just add a pair of sandals. And that was it. End of story. But who said that those beauties are worn exclusively on summer?

Arhi.tv shows you eight ways to style best your maxi dress in winter!

Style alert!

For all of you fashion icons out there, please bear in mind that the maxi dress can be your ally for the most stylish looks. And now let’s see the ways that can turn you into the fashion queen of winter.

Eight Best Tips ever!

  • One simple way to style your maxi dress, is by adding a thin turtle-neck underneath. As you already know, layering is a basic rule for those of you who want to win styling points, while at the same time, it serves a more practical need: It keeps you warm! You can either keep it quiet with a turtle-neck at the same colour to your dress,  or dare for a bold colour that makes contrast with your dress.

cardigans-maxi-dress  maxi-dresses

  • Lingerie maxi dress in winter? Oh yes! Add a long knitted cardigan on top for a more cosy and loose style. If you want to show off your figure, just put on a belt. Choose a pair of ankle boots or high heels and get ready to conquer the fashion world.


  • A chunky sweater also seems an ideal choice for your maxi dress in the cold winter days. For a more feminine look, go for a long knitted sweater and add a belt. You could even wear a cute crop top sweater and a belt, thus making it seem like a top-and-skirt-look.



  • What about maxi dresses and blazers? “Oh baby it’s cold outside”, one would say. Then why not adding a faux fair on top? Layering is styling’s best friend after all.


  • And of course, one of my favourite and most stylish looks for winter, involve the maxi shirt-dress. Get rid of all the unnecessary buttons and show off some skin ladies!

For extra sexiness, match it with over the knee boots, a leather belt and a crop leather jacket. For a more elegant touch, add a hat.



Styling Maxi Dress




  • Last but not least, for a stunning night look, you can go for an all time classic combination: Choose a sleeveless and backless maxi dress. Match it with high heels, silk gloves and glamorous accessories. Put on a really long coat or a fur and shine in the dark of the night.




Extra tips: For those of you who want to make the difference, choose bright colours or even opt for a total white look. Animal print lovers, please do not hesitate to wear a leopard or snake print dress. And for the romantic ones who want to be a burst of colour in the gloomy weather, dear a colourful  floral maxi dress.


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