Best Casual Outfits for Women 2019

When Spring comes … you will remember us.

If you’re wondering what we’re going to see this year, you’re ready to accept two things that fashion this season, revealingly reveals. First of all, the Kardashian family -whatever we do not want-affects the trends to a very high degree (cycling boots, flip flop flip flops & neon colours). Secondly, it devours trends at such a speed that neither we will be able to analyse you. Where did the stirrup trousers really go?

For the reason, of all the trends we analyse below, only 1-2 have roots in the previous season.

That’s why we’d advise you to carefully choose what you’re embodying in your style so you do not find yourself with an outdated wardrobe in just a few months.


Get ready to hurt your eyes. Neon colours such as fuchsia, green, orange and yellow as well as all the pale colours of the palette will be everywhere and with their imaginative technique to create intense colour contrasts, so called colourblocking. Of course, neon has already been one of the most controversial emerging trends.

2. 90s

Tropical Hawaiian motifs, flip-flop flip flops, cycling lollipops, visor glasses, tie dye and many other forbidden and rightfully forgotten nightmare trends are coming back. If we exclude pukka necklaces and some versions of the hat bucket, everything else we think is good to stay … in the decade where they were forgotten.


Worn as much as anything in the season that we are in, with some saying fan and some … not so much. It is certain that the runway shows flooded again with leopards, zebra and snakeskin, so we will continue to see them for quite some time.


And we finally move on to more enjoyable trends. The utility trend we recently introduced to you will be the strongest and most functional fashion trend for the Spring Summer 2019 season. Manufacturers such as Givenchy, Fendi, Max Mara, Jil Sander, Sportmax, Zimmermann, Stella McCartney, Isabel Marant, Dries Van Noten , Alberta Ferreti, Celine, Louis Vuitton, Giambattista Valli, Philosophy Di Lorenzo Seraphini, Hermes and others. presented their own version of the most wearable trend of the season, with a central piece of utility full-body form.


Victoria Beckham, JW Anderson, Oscar De La Renta and many more loud names, presented dreamy crochet woven patterns inspired by the heart of the 70s. A further variation of the trend that you’ll probably see is the fishing net in the fashion version as we saw them in Jacquemus.


The trend that few have noted – and when we say few – we only mean – wearing bold elements of ballet costumes. Nude and dusty tones, round neckline, beige slides, bodices, satin and tulle, hair ribbons, ballerinas and natural makeup. The kind of romance we like. A key to wearing the trend correctly and in a fashionable way is to avoid children’s tutu skirts and to prefer more “adult” and extravagant pieces.


The Jacquemus phenomenon continues unaltered. The hat that starred in thousands of insta snapshots last summer seems to have influenced several designers and so we expect to see a lot of oversized hats in Summer 2019. In addition, you’ll see plenty of spacious bags, huge size corsets and chunky maximal jewels to give a fresh air to our accessories, by forsaking the minimalism prevailing in recent years. In contrast, small bags will continue to be on trend, so do not rush to hurt them in your wardrobe.


Do not say we did not say it. Sharpened shoulders with balloon and puffy sleeves … again. The puffy sleeves made a big bang in 2015 and from 2018 they began to reappear with coupled squares of decolletes and vintage air. A trend that we like very much because it is easy and can give style to a very everyday dress with a simple top. In addition, the form of prairie trend is expected to dominate in dresses as well.


We mention it last, because we did not see it on countless shows, but what we saw it is enough to say that … the lace is coming back. Slowly and steadily, we expect to see her in both evening wear and everyday pieces.