Add Colours, Volume or Length with Hair Extensions at 30% Off!

Got a special occasion or event coming up? Always envy others rocking with striking hair colours that are bleached but hesitant to try cause it may damage your precious tresses? Well, Hair Extensions may be your solution!

singapore top beauty influencer reviews colour hair extensions

Hair Extensions come in strands of hair that are clipped, sewn or glued to your natural hair to add colours, volume or length; they can be made of natural or synthetic hair. My last visit to H4U Salon was to try adding some colours to my hair without bleaching. Since it is my first time having Hair Extensions and I am so in love with it, I am really excited to share my experience with you gals and answer some FAQs:

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What Is The Procedure of Hair Extensions Like?
Depending on your concerns whether it is to add Colours, Volume or Length, you may need 2 sessions with H4U Salon as the hair salon uses 100% natural human hair and needs to customize according to your request. The salon does not use Synthetic Hair Extensions as they can’t take heat styling well and tend to tangle easily.

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Offering customers a tailor-made approach, your 1st visit to the hair salon will be to discuss the Hair Extension options eg the colours you like, with the stylist and to find out the estimated cost. If you are comfortable with the price, you can then fix another date so that the stylist can prepare the Hair Extensions in advance to fix them on your next visit.

Since followers of Luxury Haven get a Special 30% Off All Hair Services at H4U Salon, I strongly recommend you to take advantage of the offer during your 1st visit to enjoy a Nice Wash and Blow etc. This way, you can see if you are comfortable with the stylist before making a commitment for the Hair Extensions. You may be pleased to know that Wash and Blow starts from just SGD 20 for Short Hair, and the price is before the 30% Off!

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H4U Salon uses Micro Rings for Hair Extensions. During my visit, I had about 30 strands of Hair Extensions clipped onto my natural hair using Micro Rings initially just to test it out. I felt quite comfortable, and both stylist and myself felt I could have more colours, so he added another 30 strands of Hair Extensions. Including wash, trimming and styling, the entire session took about 3 hours. 60 strands may sound a lot, but surprisingly they appeared to be lesser than I thought after fixing. I was told clients usually ask for 100+, with some up to 200 strands of Hair Extensions!

How Long Can Hair Extensions Last?
Typically, Hair Extensions can last for as long as 2 – 3 months if you are good at taking care of them; that is to wash your hair gently by massaging instead of “ scrubbing ”. Depending on how fast your hair grows, it is usually time to remove when it grows by about 1.5 inches. That is when the natural hair colour at the roots start showing.

Which Type of Hair Extensions?

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Previously using Fusion Hair Extensions which requires bonding strands of hair onto the natural hair, H4U Salon has since switched to using Micro Rings Hair Extensions as they do not require heat nor glue for attachment, thus reducing damage to your natural hair. They are easy to remove unlike Fusion Hair Extensions where it can be a painful process and hair may drop during removal.

Also with Micro Rings Clip-In Hair Extensions, you can play around with colours on the spot. If you change your mind after adding the desired colours, stylist can always remove and place them at another part to test it out. With Fusion Hair Extensions, you are unable to do that once they are glued.

singapore top beauty influencer reviews colour hair extensions
fattoria betti media event semel 2015 merlot

Thanks to H4U Salon, I was happily showing off my Hair Extensions during a recent Fattoria Betti 4-course media dinner & wine tasting event at Casa Tartufo with my lovely guest. With only about 1,200 bottles of Merlot in production, we had the pleasure of tasting the Rosso di Toscana IGT “Semel” 2015 paired with Char-Grilled Ribeye Steak.

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I also brought along streaks of colour to Jewel Changi Airport, awed by the world’s tallest indoor waterfall at 40 metres high – the HSBC Rain Vortex.

My Thoughts:

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I am in love with my Hair Extensions, adding colours to my hair without using any chemical dyes to my natural hair! I like how my stylist mixed and matched different shades of pink, red and purple, although I gotta admit I was intimidated in the beginning when I saw shocking pink among the strands being the conservative me. Nonetheless, I trusted the team of stylists there, who had assured me that the colours will not be too loud when placed on my hair, and I am really happy with the outcome.

I was also skeptical about having Hair Extensions initially and worried my scalp may be painful or I may have trouble sleeping as the clips may get in the way. I was surprised I did not feel the Micro Rings when I lay on my pillow during my sleep. They are not heavy at all and it is quite comfortable too; just avoid scratching your scalp. So far, my hair did not tangle like what I have heard from others; not sure if it is due to the fact that I am using real human hair and not synthetic ones. It could also be because I only had 60 strands clipped on. But if you are experiencing any discomfort or pain after the Hair Extensions, inform your hair stylist immediately and get it rectified on the spot.

Be sure to seek a proper professional or your hair extension could be a nightmare. Although Synthetic Hair Extensions are a cheaper option, H4U Salon uses 100% real human hair which can be more expensive but your extensions will have a natural look and easier to style.

h4u salon hair extensions price list

Price list for Hair Extensions ( including Styling and Trimming )

Price for my Hair Extensions ( 40 short x SGD 4, 20 long x SGD 6 ):
Total SGD 280 incl trimming after Hair Extensions
* Price before 30% discount

Call Tel: +65 6738 8849 to book an appointment with H4U Salon now to discuss the colours and type of Hair Extensions you want – whether it is just for adding colours, volume or length. Quote LUXURY HAVEN to enjoy 30% off all hair services + 20% off hair care products at H4U Salon!

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