6 tours that you must do in Santorini


6 tours that you must do in Santorini

Have you booked your vacation for this summer in Santorini Santorini car rental island? Then we are here to help you make this trip unforgettable! Ether you are on vacation with your family, your significant other or with your friends, we are going to offer you some info on the 6 tours that you must do in Santorini.

We know that there are many options as far as activities in Santorini are concerned but anyway there are some tours that you will not want to miss while on vacation in Santorini. You will probably be there once or twice in your lifetime and these 6 tours that you must do in Santorini are a great opportunity for you to explore the island.

Of course, we have proposals for activities for every taste and every age, from relaxing tours to gourmet dishes in the sunset and horseback riding. Keep reading to find out more about our tips on the 6 tours that you must do in Santorini.

Volcano tour

The only volcano in Greece is locates in Santorini. It is of great historical significance as it’s eruption allegedly contributed to the deletion of the Minoan culture and people living in Crete back in the 16th century. The volcano is not active of course, so there is absolutely no danger in visiting it. Scientists are monitoring its action so it is completely safe to visit the island -point proven by the thousands of tourists in Santorini every year.


This particular tour will offer you the chance to see the volcano and the ashes around the beaches up close and swim in the crystal clear waters. You can also schedule a trip with access to the hot springs if you like. Make sure to pack your own food because the trip lasts almost 3 hours.

Sail into the sunset

Santorini is known for its spectacular sunsets. Many tourists are traveling to Greece every summer just to get a glimpse of the sunset from the island of Santorini. But we have a question for you. Would you like to go in a crowded place up on the highest spot of the island and not enjoy the sunset because of the large number of people there? You will probably say no as you go on vacation to relax and appreciate your time in Greece.

Therefore. we propose that you will go on a tour to experience the famous Santorinian sunset while sailing in the sea. You could also book a tour which offers you dinner onboard, this way you will have a romantic evening while watching the sunset at your own comfort.

Hot springs tour

This option is for those who wish to take the most out of their vacation in Santorini and take the time to relax. The hot springs tour will offer you the chance of spending a couple of hours in the hot springs revitalizing your body and mind. You will also have the chance to visit some little islets which are accessible only by boat and you will see the volcanic scenery from the comfort of the tour boat.

It is a great idea for couples and groups of friends as it offers relaxing moments while at the same time it is affordable.

Around the island daily tour

This is an option every island should have. Spend your day onboard while exploring all the beaches and the beautiful landscape of the island. Most cruises have food and drinks available so that you can have fun while your stomach is full! This cruise is the best choice if you are traveling with children or seniors as you can follow your own pace and take part in whatever activities you like.

Private tour

This option is for those who need some alone time during their vacation. If you are tired of the crowded alleys and the waiting queues in the restaurants and beach bars, this tour is for you. Enjoy some moments of calmness and peacefulness, while the personnel of the boat will take care of your every need.

You can choose a luxurious private tour so that you will have a large boat for your family and friends. This way you are going to enjoy your time in Santorini while eating gourmet meals and enjoying only the best quality wines and cocktails. You can also stop wherever you are to take a dip in the crystal clear waters or simply lie on the sunbeds at the deck.

This is the most expensive choice but we think it will worth the money!

Horse tour in Eros Beach


Last but not least, we have a proposal for animal lovers. This tour addresses the romantic souls who want to enjoy a horse ride in the sunset. Eros beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Santorini. The ranch will offer you the equipment you need to ride the horses and they will guide you through the beach. It is a beautiful way to see the nature and admire the landscape while riding horses.

We are definite that you will appreciate nature even more, by communicating with such proud animals like the horses. We have to say that it will be a very romantic adventure with your other half while at the same time it will not cost you a fortune! Think about it!

The above reasos are why we could not omit this tour from the 6 tours you must do in Santorini. Whichever activity you will choose, we hope that you will have the greatest time on the island of Santorini. Enjoy your vacation!

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