11 Foolproof Decorating Tips

Staging, the art of presenting a house as if it came out of magazine pages is not negligible. Like all arts, she also has her tricks and secrets, 11 of which we will introduce to you!

How many times have we not said “this saloon I would like to have”, looking at a magazine? Dozens. Usually, however, behind the highly-formed picture, there is no known decorator but a stager, someone who has undertaken to add 3-4 key strokes so that the room is ready to be photographed.


Associated libraries are a very effective way to give symmetry in a space. Whether between a fireplace or a sofa or desk, the symmetrical layout draws attention, highlights the room and makes a room look bigger.

The namespace… they attract!

Of course you’ve read about the mix and match of the dining room. But did you know you could do the same in the living room? The secret lies in being the chairs or armchairs on the same scale, but with a different design, as in photography.

The dark side of life

Black walls, blue sofa, dark brown art… In the world of white walls and shining lighting, a dark room gives drama, it’s chic and sure, something that you do not expect!

Layered carpets

Nothing new except for a proven trick that has returned more powerful than ever to conquer your own living room. Decorating carpets in layers adds depth to your space and creates warmth.

Table of food in the living room

For most of us is something usual, but not for everyone. Beyond the dining room, it is good to have the lounge table functional for food if you and your company want to enjoy your dinner in the living room without moving. Which of us does not enjoy a dinner on the couch with friends and drinks, sometimes with the dish in hand?

Think creatively

Do not have room for an auxiliary table, you do not have the money or you do not like anything? No problem! Old encyclopaedias can become a first-class coffee table, and a 5-cent pot or tripod pot that sticks on a disc. Solutions are enough to find the idea that will intrigue you!

Fill in the spaces

If the coffee table in the living room has legs, you can use the space below it for storage. But it is good not to see the objects “fallen” under the table, put the serving dishes and blankets in a basket or decoration tray.

Think Big!

Fine composition with paintings or photos, but for the centre of your decoration, preferred tables in a pair, a big table or even a better table in triptych, four-pile or five-fold. Of course, the size counts and is better than 10-15 small boxes.

Every shelf, shelter and trench can be decorated

The fireplaces of the fireplace (keep, we are preparing a tribute) is a leading way to decorate with great success! Make the most of the empty space with art, old tools or rustic utensils and the right lighting and give life to a crowded decorative space!

Organize your library by colour

The colours of red, blue, white and black are the most common in book covers. Organize some or all of the shelves by colour and breathe new life into your library.

Last but not least

You can find whatever you wish in the large megastores like IKEA, in a quite economical price.