10 Tips for Travelling With Friends

Find out what to do when travelling with your friends

Successful trips with friends are the best and for me it is the absolute confirmation that your relationship with them is tough, solid and essential!

And of course there are differences from “when you travel with the” other half “- it may seem easier because you have other comfort with your lovers – but the truth is that unruly trips have closed the best homes and think now, you are willing to are you looking for the beginning for the people you carefully put into your life, they know you from the good and the reverse and in addition they love you pack with all your defects?

1.Talk before travelling for the money you can get

Elementary! If you plan to stay at five, and your friends only “bear” hostess, then it is better to make the trip separate! Before starting bookings, discuss extensively how much money you can spend on stays, tickets, activities,

2.Time or money?

Also, before making a trip, you have to determine whether you will save time or money. For example, if you prefer freight taxis from the public transport, which are more economical, you should before you begin to decide how to move.

3.Be flexible with food

A stinging stomach and the different nutritional needs of everyone can shake a voyage to the air – just think your company is looking for the best carnival in the country and you do not eat sugar! In this case, the key word is “compromise”.

4.You spend all your time together

Everybody needs a little time alone where and where. Remember that you do not have to spend the last second of your trip with your friends. If there are different things you want to see, you can split your streets for a few hours.

5.Do not be rude

Lack of sleep or an unfamiliar environment can even turn a lamb into a wolf! Be careful not to be bad and bad with your friends. If one day you wake up awful, just leave the group for a while to calm down (for example, take a walk and just have a coffee) and turn around with your good self.

6.You travel with a nightgown

Maybe it seems funny to you, sleep can be a problem for a company if half of them are restless and do not relax their sleep and the other half get up with the first sunlight and run to catch the sights. How do you combine it? Everyone follows his schedule and makes sure you meet in the middle of the day eg. for food. It is understood that in such cases you close separate rooms.

7.Learn to compromise

Listen now a great truth: It does not rotate every moment of the 100% travel around you. So be sure to listen to the wishes of your friends who and who, even if they do not belong to your priority list.

8.Do not let a person alone do research and programming

On the one hand, it is unfair for the one who assumes all the work and – above all – the responsibility, and on the other hand does not turn you into a “good friend” who is condescending and agrees to everything! Even more so, when when the time of the bill comes, that is when you find yourself on the real voyage, if you have any disagreement about the choices of the company, the program etc. you will not be able to speak and express your disagreements since … you said yes to all!

9.You make it from the last minute trip

I think this is the worst that can happen on a trip, especially if bookings are starting to take place. Retiring for any reason, you can shake the trip and the rest in the air – or at least their budget – so make sure, if it happens, be on a subject above your forces. If it gets you financially, try to cover some of the costs that will arise in your company from your departure.

10.Put down the phone at last!

Come on, let down the phone and stop searching for free Wi-Fi. You are with your friends in the most magical part of the planet, so take down the smartphone and enjoy it! Do not forget the following basic principle. The moments you live on the trip on the spot are infinitely more important than the pictures you take.